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Public Safety: Customer Service and Trust

A major topic of discussion over the past couple of years is public safety and how members of the police force interact with and serve the public. You see senseless acts of brutality more now than ever in the age of the internet of things (IoT). Everything and everyone has a form of a recording […]

The Business of Services

When we look at the U.S. business market from a thirty-thousand-foot perspective, it becomes obvious what our reality has become in business.  The U.S. economy has obviously shifted to a consumer market which can easily be seen by just observing the stock exchange daily.  The health of the stock market is driven by consumers buying […]

Resilient Culture Simple

A resilient culture might best be described with an analogy of personal grit.  I grew up in a working-class family, in later years I would learn that we were what most called poor.  Poor is only a perspective, because what we lacked in personal possessions we made up for in family time, learning to enjoy […]

Resilience Explained

What does a system look like that is designed around Resilience Engineering?  A resilient system is one that it designed and staffed with people that do 4 basic things, working in sync; anticipate, monitor, respond, and learn.  It might be better to provide an illustration to explain.   Imagine you just finished a very intense, advanced […]

Training to be a Professional

Author: Jennifer Hudson We all wake up and tell ourselves, I want to be successful but what does that really mean. What do we as working professionals do to train and prepare ourselves for success? How do we advance our skills and knowledge to be the very best among our peers or competitors? I thought […]