IoT Solutions

RMI Services is using Internet of Things (IOT) solutions to create remote solutions for service businesses to reduce downtime and risk to assets and personnel while increasing visibility to key data indicators. These valuable data sets, gathered in large volumes, reduce risk to man power and costly dollars related to taking equipment offline and paying technicians to collect the same data.

We work across manufacturing and energy industries to help devise IoT strategies to help prolong the life of components, reduce outages related to failures, and drive service organization from preventive maintenance to conditioned based maintenance. Allowing organizations to better manage their warranties with OEM’s and maximize the return on investment in equipment.

Some of the solutions we currently offer to collect leading indicator data are:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Impact Monitoring
  • Audible monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Oil debris and capacitance monitoring

These sensors all work remotely on wi-fi or cellular gateways and RMI consolidates that data into a single tool with robust analysis to help provide insight into the operation of equipment. Additionally, these sensors can be integrated into a maintenance management system to allow you to set alerts to quickly respond to a problem before a costly failure occurs.

Finding a symptom before a failure can save an organization millions of dollars and gaining the insight into common failure modes allows for better management of your assets. If you want to learn more contact one of our IoT solution specialists today.



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